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The past few years have brought the development of a dynamic community of startups and as well as a staggering rise in private and public investment. Experts inside and outside the algae industry believe large-scale, truly commercial production of algae-based biofuels is just over the horizon.

The pilot and demonstration projects being built today in the US will be the gateway to commercial production of four biofuels: biodiesel, biojet fuel, ethanol, and green gasoline. Industry analysts believe that the next decade will be particularly important.

  • Greentech Media Research has predicted that algae biofuels could be produced at a rate of 6 billion gallons a year by 2022.
  • Some industry executives expect large algae production facilities will be operating in the US within the next 10 years.
  • In 2009, nearly 90 percent of ABO members believed algae could replace current ethanol production in 20 years.
  • ABO members are now planning large-scale production projects which, at full scale, will be able to produce over one million gallons of fuel annually, by 2013. The Algal Biomass Organization expects that the industry will be able to provide significant market volumes – tens of millions of gallons per year – by 2016.

Industry snapshot with Mary Rosenthal, ED, Algal Biomass Organization

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